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What Is Branding And Why Is It So Important For Any Business?


What is Branding?


Branding is the process of establishing a strong and positive image of your company or service in your customers’ eyes. It also helps your company to differentiate you from your competitors. Effective Branding leaves a positive impression in customer’s minds about your company, So whenever they need any service or products they can make the right decision.

– Seth Godin

Why Is Branding Important?

Branding Importance can not be ignored. Let’s see why it is so important for small companies or business:

Recognition: Branding helps customers to recognize the right company and help them to fulfill their needs and make the right decision.

Trust: Branding makes a bridge of trust between your company and your customers and helps them to choose the right product for their needs

Grow: A Effective brand brings more customers like a magnet means If a customer is happy with the products and services of a company then he will tell others about the company, So it helps small companies and businesses to grow.

Connects: Your brand connects your customers to your company emotionally and feels them happy whenever they are buying any products and services from your company.

Value: A Effective brand will provide value to your organization.

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Elements Of Branding:

Branding isn’t limited to just name and logo. It is what comes in customers’ minds when they try to buy a product or service.
Branding is made up of some elements some of them are below:

Name: Name helps customers to identify the product.

Logo: Its a symbol or a design that is adopted by a company that defines its a brand.

Colour: A color commonly used by the company on its products and marketing

Graphics: Graphics with products images on it help companies for marketing

Phrases: Phrases makes brands unique and people will recognize it instantly. Like here are examples of some of the popular phrases:
Nike – “Just Do it”
Apple – “Think Different”
L’Oreal – “Because you’re worth it”
KFC – “It’s finger lickin’ good”
Coca-Cola – “Open Happiness”
Dunkin’ Donuts – “America runs on Dunkin’”
McDonald’s – “I’m lovin’ it”

Here are some of the brandings we have done Click Here


I hope you like the article, in the end we can say “Without Branding a company is like a fish without water. A fish can’t survive without water the same way a company business can not survive without branding.”

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