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As a GOLD member, you will gain instant access to a full marketing suite, including high converting lead capture pages, video sales funnels, prewritten autoresponder follow up campaigns, a lead management system, launch event funnels, student testimonials and almost 4 years of leadership content in our BLACK OPS LIVE Private Facebook Group. Gain the daily support of hundreds of other entrepreneurs from around the world that are just like you, pursuing their dream of freedom

You will meet every Saturday with REAL Millionaire Mentors on LIVE and INTERACTIVE broadcasts that will teach you the foundational principles of how to become the ATTRACTOR FACTOR in any entrepreneurial business.

You will have access to the 3 core training videos that were responsible for producing almost $4 million in commissions in one income stream alone. 

BLACK OPS LIVE Core Training

The biggest challenge with the direct sales business model is that people are never taught the difference between the Corporate America business model and the Networking business model. They are not even remotely the same. In fact, they are like apples and oranges. It’s the biggest reason that 97% of the entire industry fails.

In this module, you will learn the RIGHT WAY to connect with prospects. These strategies can be applied to real estate, the mortgage and insurance Industries, the automotive industry, stocks and forex, venture capital, sponsorships and charities, speakers, trainers and coaches, as well as door to door sales, MLM, network marketing and affiliate marketing.

In this training module we dive deep into the understand of what it means to be a top recruiter. What to do and how to do it so that you can preserve your relationships with your friends, family and business associates. You don’t have to be all over people like a bad rash in order ot become a top recruiter. Learn the skills and you will be able to build out global teams into the tens of thousands of people.

Looks over the shoulder and watch the recruiting process as it is happening in REAL TIME. It has nothing to do with products, services, comp plans, management teams, track records, or the features and benefits of whatever you think you are selling. Using this formula we have personally recruited thousands of people both online and offline. Buckle up!

In additional you will gain instant access to:

10X Unstoppable Minds

Listen to 10 different interviews from people from all walks of life who learned the strategies on how to activate the Law of Attraction with Subconscious Mind Tapping. Healed marriages and relationships, recovery from financial hardship, increased confidence and self-esteem, people who found their dream job and so much more!

Subconscious Mind Tapping

Learn how to activate the Law of Attraction with Subconscious Mind Tapping. Whether its health and wellness, spiritual and emotional, family and relationships, career and travel, financial goals, acquiring your dream house, dream car or any other material things, or contribution, giving back and making a difference. The process of activating the Law of Attraction is way easier than you think once you understand the principles inside of Subconscious Mind Tapping.

Speed Recruiting

Learn how to recruit new reps into any business easily and effortlessly. If you are involved in any type of business that requires hiring management teams, peak performers, or recruiting influential people, Speed Recruiting breaks it down into simple terms that anyone can understand.


The 7 Figure Minds

Listen to 24 different interviews with 7 and 8 figure earners marketing a variety of companies, products and services. The 7 Figure Minds will allow you to dive deep into the minds of the tip producers to see how they think differently and what you can do to model the same principles with whatever you are marketing,

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