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You will pay $1000 in admin fees now plus the first monthly membership payment of $97. Monthly fees will be charged 30 days from your first payment. Admin fees will be charged 365 days from your first payment. Please note, you can cancel this monthly membership fee at anytime in your back office. Please be advised that we do NOT refund any admin fees or monthly payments that have already been paid. You will be cancelling all future payments. Your product purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Black Ops Millionaire Mentoring
Training Program

Basic Training Bootcamp

Save $200 By Paying Yearly.
You will be paying $1,000 annually, plus $97 per month for your Gold membership.
Yearly Admin Fees                $1000
Monthly Membership            $ 97
Less Discount                      - $ 77
Total Due                                $1020

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