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Many people who have approached us at BRANK have described their nightmare experience with courses and lectures not being able to keep up or understand whats going on.

We listened at BRANK we have redesigned the whole traditional learning experience and put an experience you’ll never forget allowing you to trade then ask questions.


At BRANK its extremely important for us that you learn how to trade. We provide you with 100,000$ of simulated funds which you trade in a practice portfolio followed by gaming tournaments.

Followed by your initial experience your able to socialsie and talk within the community designed to help you learn both from novice traders to seasoned traders.


When playing tournaments you are given the chance to earn Credits; The Credits rewarded are based on two things the buy-in and the number of participants in the tournament.

Credits can also be earned by users affiliating with other people and introducing them to BRANK they know could be friends & family or colleagues. Everytime they purchase tokens you are paid up to 16% on each transaction they do.

Credits are converted to USDC for withdrawal payouts.

How does

The Learning Process Work

We are BRANK

Meet Our Experts

Our experts range from developers, management and to marketing. We also have seasoned traders who are able to help people in tournaments.

What is BRANK+

Its an add-on, an Exclusive opportunity to earn more with a whole list of rich advantages. Main features being from tournaments played to the ability to earn additional credits.

Using features like Premium Marketing Systems opens doors to a whole new level giving you access to funnels and marketing material to give you an even more powerful chance to grow the downlines you need.

1000 Tokens is equiv to $1,300 which can be purchased by going to the BRANK+ page once logged in.

Marketing with BRANK+

Comprehensive list of marketing features that will only be exclusively provided to BRANK+ members.


The Exclusive Club
1000 Tokens Annual
  • Brank Virtual Trading
  • Exclusive Monthly Jackpot Tournaments
  • Live Weekly Trade Secrets Webinars
  • Winners Circle FB Group
  • Premium Marketing System
  • 16% Commission on Direct Referral Purchases
50% Off


“First rule of business, protect your investment.” – Etiquette of the Banker, 1775

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Whether you have a question about features, pricing, or anything else we are here to answer all your questions.