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Whether you are an experienced trader, or you are brand new, BRANK is for you!
BRANK was created to teach people the most valuable skill in cryptocurrency by playing a game and having fun.

For the very first time, average people are becoming successful traders and loving it.

You could be next!

How does it work?

BRANK is a very comprehensive learning tool allowing beginners to learn how to trade by taking the practical route with simulated funds. If your a seasoned trader skip to next step.


Tokens are your key to success. It opens your ability to learn through tournaments making the trading process fun. When a process is made fun your ability to learn gets multiplied helping you understand complex discussions with ease.

This gives both beginners and season traders the ability to learn or share knowledge making a more powerful stronger community together.

How does this help well everyone understands things differently so working together on tournaments allows us to better each other building a more powerful approach towards successful trading.

Tokens & Credits

Tokens are used to join games, when you RANK in those games you earn credits; The credits are then redeemed for USDC though our built in Exchange.

Credits can only be earned either by ranking in tournaments or by sharing to your friends/family or colleagues.

You also have the ability to retain your credits and take advantage of the increasing value.


Share this post to social media to invite your friends and family, or those you know that are already trading, to play in a tournament and earn more credits.

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Email : AriMaccabi@gmail.com

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